The Story of Folk Portraits



Where did the idea of Folk Portraits come from?


Let’s start with an introduction to Folk’s owners and creators.
Heather and Jamie were childhood friends who began a relationship after reconnecting in college and have now been married for 12 years. They moved to The Woodlands with their two daughters and two dogs by way of New Orleans to open their latest studio named Folk Portraits.

Going all the way back to the beginning, Jamie’s relationship with photography began in 1996 during his junior year of high school when he fell in love with his first camera and learned the old techniques of developing film. After bringing home his first digital camera in 2003, Heather quickly took over and dived head first into photography. The two became full-time professional photographers in 2010 with weddings being their main focus and passion. Your wedding is one of the best days of your life, but life doesn’t end there. After the better part of a decade photographing weddings and being named one of the top 30 rising stars of photography in the world, the husband and wife team decided to take a step back and refocus their business on servicing those who wanted to celebrate their own families through meaningful works of art in their home.

Folk Portraits was born in the heart of the New Orleans French Quarter one evening after a long wedding where Jamie and Heather had a real discussion on what they wanted to be their photographic legacy to be. What contribution will they leave? Both heather and Jamie wanted to create something that was more emotionally based out of a want to celebrate oneself and family and not just be a something that’s scratched off a list of things to get at a wedding. Florist (check), Venue (check), Photographer (check) etc.

Folk was designed to be something new where families could come to celebrate because they wanted to, not because they had to. When you photograph people there’s a legacy that gets passed down to the next generation and a deep satisfaction of knowing that what we’ve created will be enjoyed and cherished long after we’re no longer here. With portraiture you have to understand who people are on the inside to make sure what you’ve captured on the surface is a true representation of their character. Folk is people - Folk is a place to celebrate yourself, your children, and your family.
Folk Portraits is here for everyone.

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