The Woodlands Family Photographer


At Folk portraits we love when fur babies are included!!! We understand that you want artwork that truly reflects the bond between you and your pets. As each portrait experience is tailored to every unique need, you can bring in any toys or props that you feel will best illustrate you and your pet’s personal story. And don’t forget the treats!


You’re Their Whole World

Pets make us smile, laugh, and love us unconditionally. They are beautiful creatures that deserve a place on our walls, just as big as the spot they hold in our hearts. We can’t wait to learn more about your pets; personalities and the special bond you share. Your experience will be as bespoke as your artwork

Your experience includes a pre-planning consultation with a FOLK specialist, an extended photographic studio experience, a large format cinematic presentation of your photos, and a personal design expert one-to-one to assist you in the selection and customization of your artworks and their finishings.


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